Submitted by anonymous. 

Anonymous asked: since when was taylor swift a woc?

since always shut the fuck up


Anonymous asked: ur my fave

im my fave too lmao woc swag haha 

For when you gotta confront a cis scum being problematic.

Hey„,it me!!!

it me and my woc wombyn fren

Ina Garten subconsciously discussing race.

It me

holyghostfister asked: Hi yes Ina how do u as a woc deal woth all ur o ppressions?

yeah im woc im ina

Anonymous asked: you cant tell people what their sexual preference is

yes i can

Anonymous asked: Hi, I represent a very popular social justice blog. That meme you posted of Ina with "bisexual" and "pansexual" misspelled is really disrespectful and attempts to erase those peoples* struggles. Would you be able to please remove that offensive meme? I'm not sure why you found that funny enough to post.

i cant hear u over the sound of ur abelism

Anonymous asked: did the mod just remember this blog?? wow I haven't seen a post here in a dog's age.

dogs age?? dogs age??? this is ina 911 yes i smell a racist

u panse x uale im ina


When you call your personal shellfish salesman and order atlantic lobster caught fresh straight from nova scotia for your homemade lobster bisque


it me

theyounglarrydavid asked: Just learned a new SJ term: Cisgusting.


socialjusticeinagarten created that term 

theyounglarrydavid asked: wHEN was the last time you were oppressed????

right now i get oppression every time a person

holyghostfister asked: Does white count as a color?

no it counts as an oppression